jueves, 13 de octubre de 2016

Today's topic is music and it's meaning to my life.
I don't really know how to start but maybe it's important to tell you that right know I'm listening music, a chilean group called Fother Muckers that I love. Almost everything I do I do it while listening to music, when I study I concentrate better if I have music in the background, when I'm getting up, in the shower, to tidy my room, I'm always listening or singing a song.
Music helps me to think clearer and to keep the concentration and not get bored.
I also like to play music, I play the guitar and with my sister we play and sing together.

Recently I've been listening a lot of chilean and latin american pop, but before I didn't like it, maybe because I didn't listened it conscientiously but know that I did I really like it. Almost all the time I don't like a gender of music is because I haven't given it an opotunity to enchant me, when I do I like it almost all the time, although there are some that take longer to attach to my list of music I like.
For that same reason I don't have a permanent favourite group or singer; it depends on my mood, recent musical discoverys and many other factors; this week for example I'm obsesed with Cristobal Briceño, but last week it was Javiera mena, and after that Alerta Pachuca and many otehrs.

About a month ago I lost all the music on my cellphone, so I saw myself on the obligation to listen to radio (because I can't go anywhere without music) and it's been the best thing that could've happen, now I've diverify my repertory a lot. Another recent discovery for me is spotify, so I don't download music files or buy CDs, because I don't need to.
I would like to go to every concert I know of, but I don't always have the money or time to do it.

I remember learning my first song on guitar baut I don't remember what song it was, it was a great challenge and it was the start of my love for music. If I were a song I would be any song.

To finish I would like to say that I don't imagine a life without music and I know that music is never gonna die.

jueves, 29 de septiembre de 2016

Hello, my name is Trinidad, but you can call me Trini. In this blog I'm goig to confess you somethig very deep of my soul: I'm a frustrated traveller, I've never been out of my coutry (Chile), but I would love to. That's the reason why I read a lot about other places and also lik write about them.
Today I feel like goig to India, so I'm goig to tell you a little about that beauifull country.
It`s located in South Asia and has coast on the Indian Ocean on the south, the Arabian Sea on the south-west, and the Bay of Bengal on the south-east, it shares land borders with Pakistan to the west; China, Nepal, and Bhutan to the north-east; and Myanmar (Burma) and Bangladesh to the east.
India is very far away from South America and has a radically diferent culture, ad that make's so much more iteresting!! There's a lot to know about it.
If I ever go there I would definitely taste all kid of indian food, I love curry and spicy food, I've been to idian retaurans here in Santiago, but it sure is very diferent to eat it being there.
I think that to really know a place you must live there the way native people live, so a few weeks trip would't be enough, it's ecesary to sped at least a year to be impregated by their culture and uderstand th way they live.
I encourage every person that reads this blog to travel, but to travel well, to really know the place and the people you visit.